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DSC_0171I am Lucile and I want you to meet Christian…
The first time I saw Christian, in 2005, he was running, as agile as a mountain goat, down the hill along a path behind my hut in Andalusia. He was 23 years old.
He then occasionally came to Spain to visit me and chat about the association he had founded in his small mountain village, of the festival of acoustic music, of the bonfire in the village-centre lit by the knights. He would talk to me about a world which was completely new and unknown to me, like a fairy tale.
Every-so-often, while he was talking to me I would wonder: what is a Tyrolean mountain goat doing on the mountains of the Spanish Sierra Nevada? I found the answer when I realised that Christian likes adventure, the sort that feeds the heart and soul… the sort of adventure that opens the mind and which fills the suitcases of life with what is needed to make dreams and projects come true.
But then I suspect that there was also a desire on his behalf to break … barriers.
And so, in 2009, it was decided. He was to leave San Vigilio, his Ladin roots, his grey and rocky mountains which turn pink at sunset, his collaboration with the association, his work as cook in the family hotel, his friends, the mountain farm-houses with multicoloured geraniums on their woodden balconies, thank goodness his Lederhosen too, to join me on my hill, under the olive trees, and become the companion of my adventures.
We looked for our Paradise in Spain, then in South Tyrol, but it was in Toscana that we stopped, when we found Reggioli in 2011.
Our family was growing with one blond child after the other, much like daisies, Christian was always jumping, only now it was from fence to tractor, from vegetable garden to building site, from stables to dry walls, from freeing olive trees to … etc. He changed from mountain goat to deer. He never neglected anything.
It is wonderful to travel the road of life with him because dreams come true.The impossible becomes possible and problems disappear.
It is not always easy, as being calm is not one of his main characteristics.
From the Dolomites he got his strength.
From his culture, his precision and commitment.
From his soul, depth and loyalty and from his travels his open-mindedness.
There are roads and voyages that are so wonderful they should never end.
Thank goodness life is eternal …