The Children

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Big soulds, little bodies”
Let me introduce you to our children:
11 years old. He is a big reader, mushroom-finder and footballer. Great repertoire of jokes.
His specialty: fried eggs.
Gioian Quercia
, 8 years old. She is an adventuress, painter and adores sport. The queen of lost socks.
Her speciality: medicinal herb teas.
Elias Ensaita
, 6 years old, horse-tamer, champion at table-football and inventor of the “pelimetro”.
His speciality: coffee
Amanita Artemisia Marianette,
4 years old. Singer, dog-lover, fairy princess.Huge sighs raising her eyes to heaven.
Her speciality: all kinds of soups and worse.
JanRù Felix Valtù
, 2 years old. Percussionist, greedy, impossible to comb. Experiments with the laws of gravity.
His speciality: the chef’s surprise

That’s Reggioli’s joyous crowd.
They generate their own energy and spend their days running in the fields where they invent impossible adventures, do a couple of double summersaults on the trampoline, play football, fly kites and play with earth, water, wood and pebbles.
They challenge each other in dangerous sword fights, shoot with bows and arrows and do many other things it is best not to know about.
Then there are the quiet moments in the children’s home where they create amazing constructions using wood, duplo or meccano. They experiment manually with all sorts of material, they cut out, colour, paint, glue, tear … read.
Sometimes there is also a biscuit- or cake-cooking session where they all work together.
It is great in Reggioli and the truth is, the more children there are the better it is!

p.s.: oh I forgot. The tablet? What’s that?