Birth Space

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Peace in the world can be built today, one child at a time…peace…“

Ibu Lim Robin

The project “Birth Space” in Reggioli is born from the desire to give back to women, couples and families the possibility of living the unique experience of birth in its natual context: warmth, silence and intimacy. Giving birth in Reggioli means choosing a place where the demands and times of the woman are respected in order to listen to the child’s needs and assure it the necessary care. The magic of the first encounter must be protected especially in an age like ours when man tends to alter the natural processes. Reggioli is for self-determination and free choice as they are source of nourishment for one’s sense of responsibility therefore also of parenthood.

Giving Birth in Reggioli is to welcome the new-born and organise the “where and how and with whom” this event is to take place. Women and couples can choose between rooms or appartments, the woods or a camper. Alone or accompanied by a “doula” or by a wise and experienced midwife.

All united to recognise the perfection of nature.

“Children know how to be born and women know how to give birth”.