Our farm

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Our aim is to become self-sufficient food-wise for the entire project with its visitors, co-operators and locals.
Diversification is very important and so is the harmonization of the living and technological systems that form the artificial part of the farm.
We live surrounded by a huge forest and very much feel the vicinity of the spontaneous vegetation which helps us understand, for example, how plants and humans get along according to very harmonious systems, allowing each other the right amount of space in a sort of balance which to our eyes may seem chaotic but in reality is healthy and self-sufficient.
By observing the wild nature, we would like to reproduce a system which self-feeds itself, that fits our needs, in which we cooperate without wanting to control everything, and ready to share work and the results of this work.
We get our inspiration from many lines of thought, we like to experiment, exchange views with the locals and with whoever is interested in doing some-soul searching (like we did) without any prejudice.
We search for exchange and we observe, experiment and I can assure you, we never get bored.

We produce organic olive oil, which is hand harvested by volunteers and visitors who are curious to share this experience.
The group work, chatting while hanging from trees, far away from the frenzy of the old world that seems modern. Playful evenings, dances and circles are all part of the adventure and we are convinced that this positive energy will contribute to the quality of Reggioli’s green gold.

Our chestnut nursery was abandoned 15 years ago, but we are planning on salvaging it and at the moment we are collecting what the trees generously give us.
Every year in October in Nusenna there is the chestnut market with music and exhibitions, lots to eat and fun for all.
We are planning on the production of chestnut flour dried on our farm with which Lucile makes a castagnaccio (chestnut cake), which has become famous by now.