Vision circle and construction workshop of a shamanic drum | 7-9 May 2021

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Vision circle and construction workshop of a shamanic drum
For shamans, the shamanic drum represents an entity with its own soul, whose power comes from three sources: the intention of the builder, the player and the listener. This power object, born in a ritual construction process, is charged with “information” and serves to hold a high level of life energy.
The drum is a special power object, a vehicle for shamans. They know how to lead with it in order to move between different realities and through consciousness.
Inspired by shamans, we can use some of the “travel techniques” and bring the rhythm of our heart back into harmony with nature and the cosmos in a ceremonial or meditative setting.
Deep within us there is a hidden inwardness that can be visited and observed with the help of the shamanic drum.
The two and a half day course is largely devoted to the practical construction of the shamanic drum. In this seminar we also place great emphasis on mindfulness exercises, on purification, on the inner journey to the spirit of the drum and on sharing in the sacred circle of sisterhood and brotherhood.
The intention of the seminar is to create conscious relationships and connections among the course participants. We will find out that nothing happens by chance, not during the construction and also not in the encounter of the present souls. The drums we create will be as valuable as our listening, our well-being, our way of opening our hearts to one another. Thanks to the joint work and mutual support from the participants, we can strengthen our connection to the drum and its spirit.
There will be something of each of us in each of the newly build, living drums.
Work steps:
– selection of the already tanned goatskin and the pre-constructed frame.
– soaking the fur in water
– manual cutting of the fur
– manual cutting of the leather cord from the remnants of the previous work step
– attaching the head to the frame
– braiding the base with the leather cord
– tensioning/tuning the drum
– mallet construction
Start Friday at 09:30. The course lasts until Sunday evening.
Six participants are required for the seminar to take place. At the same time, this is also the maximum number of participants.
Total costs for the seminar, including accommodation in the Agriturismo Reggioli and full board, is € 345.00 (bed linen is provided on request and for an additional charge of € 15)
The course materials are included in the price: goat skin, solid wooden frame.
A variety of fur can be used instead on request and at an additional cost. You can choose from: deer, roe deer, chamois, buffalo, fallow deer and reindeer.
IGOR ANIM – biography
Igor Anim Niego is an artist and musician, trainer, MusicArtTerapeute della Globalià dei Linguaggi, traveler, researcher, companion of children and parents, leader of groups and men’s circles. A free discoverer of the music, the art form which supports us since prehistory in being happy and in travelling the subconscious. Igor has been studying and practicing medieval music and music from the Middle East for 25 years. Born and raised in Naples, he came to study the local shamanic drum, so called “o tammurro”. Keepers of the legacy initiated him into the techniques and secrets of the Vesuvian tradition.
On numerous study trips and seminars, he was able to be inspired by great masters of oriental music for his own projects, which range between medieval music and world music. He has brought his musical influence to a national and international level working with musical groups such as “Musica officinalis”, “Al Qantarah”, “Daramad”, “Theatrum Instrumentorum” and “Meraklija”. For almost 20 years he was a music teacher at the Scuola di Musica Popolare di Forlimpopoli, during which he was able to gain extensive experience in the field of music therapy, with a special focus on MusicArTerapeuta nella Globalità dei Linguaggi (GdL – is a training discipline for meaning and communication conceived by Stefania Guerra Lisi and expression for the purposes of research, education, animation, rehabilitation and therapy.)
Igor has been building shamanic drums for more than 20 years. The spiritual journey began with the Native American tradition, and for the past decade has focused on the Siberian tradition.
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