Project Ecovillage

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We are looking for Activists, Artists, Artisans, Farmers and operators of Psycho-physical and emotional well-being.

Our goals are:

1. Creating an intentional community that takes care of this environment of 126 ha where the ecological village of Reggioli will be built

2. Work the land to achieve a high degree of self-sufficiency

3. Rediscover the various arts that lead to the realization of the human being, on all levels

4. Organize events, courses and meetings to raise awareness, promote and share natural human practices that lead us to express our individual and group essence.

5. Learn to take care of each other to create a happy and healthy life organism.

6. To experiment with new forms of collaboration and sharing in a path of authentic and spontaneous relationships.

7. Research individual-community relationship, where the freedom of one and the other begins and ends.

8. Care of the internal world to learn more about the cause of conflicts and blocks in the realization of ourselves

9. Care for relationships in the group to create a harmonious reality of trust and love.

10. Working with conscience on the intimate relationship with this world that surrounds us.
 To know minerals, plants, animals, mortal and immortal beings, etheric and what nobody can pronounce

11. Care for relationships with the most disadvantaged beings
Are you interested in the project?

Do you want to know and experience yourself, directly in Reggioli?

Do you want to understand what role you can have in this project?

Begin with a period of practical proof of coexistence.

Supporter: In search of its potential

Works: ordinary maintenance, agriculture, sharing circles and deepening vision, care of common areas, participation in various areas of the existing body, development of socio-cultural center

Minimum period of departure: 2 weeks

economic contribution for board and lodging in a dormitory: € 10 / day, € 250 per month, € 2800 per year.

WWOOF membership card for insurance: € 35

Creator: Do you have a project to be implemented? Bring it !!!

Personal project description: It must contain what, where, when and how.

Rental agreement: Land, individual room or apartment

Integrated community life: meals and dormitory accommodation € 10 / day, € 250 / month, € 2800 per year

work and economic contribution: maintenance of common infrastructures, common kitchen works

participation: community life, management of common spaces, philosophical circles, research, organization, group care