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Hi Dear Reggioli friends,

As perhaps some already know, we are in a phase of great change in Reggioli.
Since September Lucile, Elias, Amanita and Janru have moved to Colle Val d ’Elsa and attend the Waldorf La Formica school project.
It is an important step for our family, our children finally have the opportunity to build new ongoing relationships in this educating community.
Lucile takes care of accompanying the children on this adventure and she herself is following the Steiner training, e
continues to make crafts and markets, but no longer deals with the organization and management of Reggioli.
In fact, I will deal with this for now that I have remained the only human being continuously present in this Podere.
Every Friday the children return to Reggioli for an adventure and on Sunday I take them back to their home at the “Merlo”.

I want to continue the project of creating an intentional ecological community or ecovillage.
And for now I share this dream with many people, but with Davide we are working on it in a concrete way. I’ve known him since 2017, when we worked together with PantaRei.
We then met several times for similar ideas, since since October last year we have been working together on an experiential school project for the first ecological farmer settlement.
The idea is to set in motion a process of profiling and designing an ecological community settlement with a high degree of food self-sufficiency, starting from permaculture design.
The path from analysis to design and implementation becomes the basis of the study. The goal is to experiment with the creation of a model of coexistence and management of rural areas.
The research focuses on food and energy production, human relationships, institutional requirements for the production of products and services for the enlarged community and the creation of new living spaces in Reggioli.
So Reggioli is made available for this goal.

For now we are organizing various courses and courses to: promote sustainable practices, create meetings and finance the project.
We are working on the organization of various events, including the next permaculture, wild cooking, basketry, mushroom cultivation, circus, music, ecological communication, yoga, agroecology courses, directly in Reggioli or even as per-courses online (! ).
We are planning experiential modules of rural community life for groups and families, lasting 2 weeks.
Concerts and retreats.

We need resources for this process of transformation, evolution, creation, each of us and I also include you who read, has something to contribute to change.
Only group work can work.
The invitation is what each of us looks inside and identifies what we can make available for this project.
Everything can be useful, from sharing information on intents and events, to practical participation, from material to intangible contributions.
From passive regenerative vacation to energetic, active and proactive.
Practical support in the work up to organizational participation.

With this invitation, I greet you all from the heart.
Christian for Reggioli

It’s a super thank you to Markus for the German translation!

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  • Sacha

    March 4, 2020 at 2:27 pm Reply

    Bravo Christian in alto i calici per la tua nuova avventura. Io continuo a seminare buone intenzioni ed ora siamo su un progetto di orti sinergici condivisi a Scampia. Se in futuro ormai aprire a conferenze sulla permacultura urbana siamo a disposizione. Il progetto che realizziamo è senza remunerazione ed è donato alla associazione l’albero delle storie di DAvide Cerullo- scrittore di Scampia. Penso che verrebbe volentieri a parlarne. Buon vento bro e ricorda di invitarci in piscina 🙂

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