A short story from Reggioli (10/2022) …

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In this moment outside is gently raining. The rain was needed as the nature sorrounding us was thirsty. I am sitting in the dining room and I am thinking if what to tell to the subjects of this message. Friends, relatives, peolpe passing-by, curious, deluded, disappointed or lovers… I want to tell a piece of the story of the beautiful souls that are living here with me in this moment. I will start with Anna Serrajotto from the Aosta Valley, that exactly two years ago arrived in Reggioli. Precisely, she arrived on the 18th of September, for a Permaculture course. She arrived here without knowing the story of Reggioli, neither of the vision that led me here. She stayed here after the course because I needed someone to look after the animals while I had to go to S.Vigilio, my hometown. When I came back she decided to stay for the chestnut harvest, then for the olives, and after for the garden. In the meanwhile she fell in love with Yolan, our donkey, and of the horses, and she took care of the cats. During this time, she got to know Reggioli, with its contious changes, with sunny days and rainy ones. Intense group moments with lots of peolpe and moments of reflection just as intense with less peolpe, or alone. I welcomed her with open arms as with everyone that knocks at the door. I was stroken by her blueberry-coloured eyes that immediately lead you to the deepness of the forest. However, due to her young age I would have never thought of finding myself in a love relationship with her after two years. The communitary experience of the first year, getting to know her nature, her commitment, her values , openess and genuineness made me want to open my heart and start this path with her a year ago. I feel that she is part of Reggioli and of my life. In this moment I look outside of the window and I see Paolo with his cow-boy hat playing with Kora, Anna‘s dog. I don‘t remember well in what year Paolo arrived for the first time with his family. I think it was 2016. He had arrived with his son Michel, the mother Maristela, and with Camilla, born from a previous relationship. During that year they were travelling around Italy attracted from the ecovillages realities. They landed in Reggioli during the olive harvest. His past as an informatic technical in Milan soon bored him. Surfing or with his moto, he jumped in always more meddlesome adventures around the world. For as period he lived in Africa, where his firstborn Camilla was born. Since two years, she has being spending nearly the whole summer in Reggioli with her two friends Samiah and Valeria. The girls are 16 years old, they live and study in Milan. They are very attracted by the modernity and fashion, the city life absorbs them. Howerver, by hanging in Reggioli they realized that also other realities exist, that stimulates them in other ways, that also helps them to relax and rest. They discoverd a slower rhythm of life, dynamic nonetheless, the deepness of the silence an dof the dark. They discovered the importance of taking responsability in daily lifeand the possibility of meeting other youngs in a natural and direct context. They now have become friends of my daughter Gioian, that comes to Reggioli when she can. During the time we welcomed a Waldorf high school from Dresda, which came for an artistic painting retreat, the four girls helped in the meal preparations, and in taking care of the common spaces. They helped in the harvesting and transformation of fruits, they gathered wood for the fires. There would be a lot more things to say, but this is just to give you a picture. Since March 2021, Paolo started to be present in Reggioli regularly for two or three weeks each month. During this times he‘s here he often brings also Michel and Ariel, his younger children that have now become good friends of Elias, Amanita and Janru. I will now not tell what they hhave lived durting this time, but surely there will be the possibility further on when you will be here with us in Reggioli. I hope to see you soon again, a warm greeting to everyone of you. I hope that life shines to you.

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